Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Superbods Run 2010

My goal for 2010 is to stay healthy and get more fit... Not that I've been unhealthy and unfit the past years of my life, not at all (with a lil bit of hesitation).

I may only have stepped into the gym once my whole life, but I do enjoy running the track (thanks to a friend who influenced me into liking it). It was my outlet in relieving stress from work, and a way to stay in shape. I also love going to the saunas and having steam bath. Throughout the flying days of my life, I’ve had the privilege to enjoy going to 5-star hotel saunas and steam baths... First thing I used to do whenever I got to the hotel coming from a flight: ask the receptionist until what time their fitness centre is open, ‘coz sometimes we reach the hotel around midnight local time while my body clock says it’s 6PM. Due to my addiction to spas and saunas, I sometimes wake up after just 5 hours of sleep just so I can have my dose of the heat. If there is such thing as Sauna Addiction, I guess I’m guilty of it and it’s something that I won’t stop doing.

Since I already started reminiscing, I thought it would be fun sharing one shocking experience I had in Munich. After a swim, I decided to sweat out even more by going to the steam bath. I was soaking in sweat and moisture of the searing cubicle when all of a sudden, two steaming guys entered the cubicle NAKED. I didn’t know what to do at the time; neither did I know which direction to look. I decided to leave right away and head back to my room. I still can’t believe I was embarrassed more than those lads, crazy Germans! No offense meant to my good friends from Deutschland, you know I love you guys! Oh, how I enjoyed layovers for those steam baths and breakfast buffets. Hahaha!

Anyways going back to the real subject of my first ever blog, which is staying healthy and getting more fit for 2010... With this goal in mind, I decided to register on a 10K Run to be held on February 21 at Bonifacio Global City. Looking forward to this day...

Started gearing up for the event since I registered last January 21, thinking that one month is more than enough to prepare for it. I just hope I’m right about this otherwise I’ll be the last one to finish the race or even worse, not finish at all.

But I’m determined to do well and start my year right! So to those of you who would like to do the same, click on this link to register: http://www.registrationking.com/

See you on the 21st, fellow Superbods! ;)

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  1. Piway! Don't skip our trial run this Saturday at the Fort ha. It's very important to get to used with the terrain. Then after our run, we will go to www.acewaterspa.com.ph for our hydrotherapy massage! :)

    And it will be your turn to treat me this Saturday. Hehehe.... See yah!