Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sono un certificato Bella...

Yes, that's right! Thanks to BDJ, I am now a certified Bella... ;)

I used to find planners and organizers very plain, boring and stiff until I've gotten hold of this 2010 Power Planner...

Its cover design depicts class and sophistication while maintaining that girly touch, specially crafted for fashionable women who are always on- the- go.

And what better way to start the year than setting your goals for 2010, right?

In addition to your personal goals, this planner has a 2010 checklist of the things you'd like to do for the entire year. Everything on the list seemed so interesting to do that I almost ticked all of them, so much for my bucket. However, my personal favorite out of the 100 was #8, quite impossible to accomplish but must try doing. ;)

Every page inside makes planning so much easier and much more fun to do. Its flexible layout gives you the option to plan for your activities on an hourly/ daily/ weekly/ monthly basis, making it more personalized. I have opted to make use of the hourly layout as my schedule demands just that and I'm telling you guys, it has been a breeze planning for my daily activities since then. I feel more organized and structured in completing all my tasks and to-do lists.

Aside from being just a daily organizer, my BDJ has also become a useful reading material featuring articles concerning women (love, relationships, fashion, health, etc.). It's a great tool to escape your boring meetings and avoid dozing off during conferences. And I can attest to this. LOL.

Also, attached inside are numerous discount coupons for several establishments which I think is so cool and have yet to make use of especially during these times of economic crisis.

What more can you ask for? A planner/ organizer/ book/ discount coupons booklet: All- in- One fashion item! I am loving every bit of it...

On Feb10, I'll be joining a friend and a bunch of interesting characters for a pre- Valentine concert. Amazingly, Darlyn, the woman behind BDJ's creation will be one of them. I guess it'll be one interesting night then. Can't wait!

So to every woman out there, grab yourself a copy of this fabulous power planner and plan away while it's not too late.

Gustare pianificazione Bellas! ;)


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  1. Chong! (1) tiyaga mo to make a Blog this long via iPhone; (2) ganda ng hand writing sa planner - sa'yo ba talaga yun?; (3) E-mail'd Dar and will introduce you to the rest of our friends this Wednesday. :) See yah!

  2. Hey Lindz! Haha! Just kidding Chong!

    (1)Of course, it's a newly acquired skill. LOL.
    (2)Thanks for the compliment, and yes it is mine! :P
    (3)Can't wait for Wednesday! See yah! ;)