Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Ongpin-Quiapo Adventure...

First things first... To all my friends and loved ones in the US, Happy 4th of July! :)

Anyhow, It's been a while since I last posted on my blogsite but my Saturday was too much fun that it would be selfish of me not to share! So here goes what happened...

Went for an hour run in the morning, covering 3.5K! I know, it's not that much! But hey, considering that I've been super lazy when it comes to running ever since I got back home from Dubai, 3.5K is already an achievement! But yesterday was an exception, for I was more determined than ever to keep my ass moving for at least an hour! Of course, I gotta hand it to my buddy Albet for keeping me going, no matter how much I begged him off! This is one situation I'm glad I can't charm my way out of... Haha!

Then, of course, after sweating it all out in the gym, I was able to convince myself and Albet that we deserved to treat ourselves out for lunch. We drove from Mandaluyong to Makati to pick up Ice, then headed to UST for Laurice. Once everyone was on board, we were back on the road heading straight to Ongpin to abate my cravings for authentic Chinese cuisine!

We decided to park the car in SM Quiapo, where it's safer and more convenient. Then decided to get on a trike to Ongpin. I so wanted to get on a "kalesa", as I've never been on one, but Albet was not up for it so... Our trike driver was driving like a mad man, overtaking cars and trucks alike! And the worst part of it, everytime he squeezes for more power and speed from his bike, I felt like the whole trike was going to break into pieces! It created such loud noise, almost like shouting "I can't do it anymore, I give up!" But he managed to drop us off at Tomas Pinpin Street, close enough to Ongpin Street.

We walked the streets of China town in search for a restaurant that I've been to, with some friends and had a great experience in, but can't seem to remember the name. All I remember is its great service, yummiest/ most authentic dishes, and that it starts with the word Golden. We had to ask a couple of people, Chinese and Indios alike, for directions to a Golden resto! We even invented some names like "Golden Buddha Restaurant" and "Golden Dragon Restaurant". It was supposed to be a fun experience, walking through China town, but the heat and hunger made it an excruciating and a painful one!

Till we finally found it... Alas, the GOLDEN FORTUNE SEAFOOD RESTAURANT! This time, I made sure of noting down the name in case I come back for more of their dumplings. We started with their best selling Seafood Soup, then worked our ways into consuming the Shark's fin Dumplings and Har Gow (Shrimp Dumplings), then Ice got her chopsticks digging into the Century Eggs with Jellyfish Salad... We were not such big fans of the eggs but I had to have one and some salad... We also had to order the Seafood Hofan Noodles, which looked so yummy in the menu, and the HongKong style White Chicken with ginger sauce (the best sauce ever!)... Unfortunately, no food pics were taken as we were much more enthusiastic in eating them rather than photographing them. Halfway through the Hofan, we were all filled... That was it for lunch, until dessert was brought up. As I always say, there's always room for dessert. Damn!

Upon leaving the Chinese resto, we were on a mission to find this little Japanese resto, with the word Yum in it's name, where we agreed to have our dessert: Fried Ice Cream! It was more like a quest than a walk, for we didn't know where to find it. I was lucky to have asked my friend, Abi, for directions in getting there. She didn't remember the name either but at least she knew what Street it was on. We found it after walking 2 blocks and lots of asking. Haha!

SUSHI YUM, that's the name! Oh my goodness, how dare us not remember?! We remembered Yum but not Sushi?! I felt stupid upon seeing it, but glad at the same time. Finally, Fried Ice Cream!!! SUSHI YUMmy!!! We ordered one of each flavor, choco and strawberry. It was delish! Then, off we went again on a quest to find this shop that sells TABLEAS (100% cocoa tablets). I remember walking from Sushi Yum to this shop before so I figured, it's not that far. And I was right, it was just a stone's throw away.

These are Us (Laurice, Ice, and Myself) on Ongpin Street and Albet and Laurice...

This is Me pointing at where you can find the Tableas; Us, 3 girls next to a pole; and Monkey-Me in Ongpin!


 After I got my TABLEAS, and have convinced Ice to get some as well, we were off to the real reason why we were in the area... Hidalgo, where all photography pofessionals, students, enthusiasts, and wanna be's meet. My buddy, Albet, has asked us to help him in getting a good deal for a digital SLR camera. And so I did! I was able to get him a great D-SLR/tripod package deal... I think it shows in the next photos that he was happy about it, and so was I! Glad to have put my bargaining/negotiating skills into good use in helping out my friend! Besides, this camera is to my benefit as well. Since we've agreed on always taking road trips and travels together with our other friends, I'll be using this D-SLR myself! (Just kidding, Bet!) But seriously, I was glad to have saved Albet a couple of bucks, more free movies for me and Roslyn! Haha! :))


After closing this great deal, we were set to head home and bid Manila farewell... Drove back to Makati to drop my friends off (yes, I was the designated driver for the day!) and found my way through SLEX to get home...I had such tiring but fun-filled Saturday. A new week is just about to start but can no longer wait for the next weekend's adeventure...

Will keep you posted! ;)

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  1. PY!
    Thank you!
    It was one of my best Saturdays! Quality and Quantity! I love my new Cam and looking forward in using it to our Cebu trip...