Thursday, July 8, 2010

Robinson's Fit&Fun Wellness Buddy Run 2010

This coming Sunday, my buddy Albet and I are joining the Robinson's Buddy Run 10K event which starts @ 05:45 AM commencing from Fort Bonifacio towards Makati and back.

We've been actually looking forward to this event for quite some time now but this afternoon, it finally hit me. The race is in less than five (5) days from now and so far, I have only managed to run a distance of 3.5K for an hour.

Well, what I know is that when certain situations call for faster speed and higher endurance, your body will most of the time answer to it and perform at it's best. And I think having a buddy to run with is more than enough reason for me to keep my ass moving on Sunday! Most especially when you've got a running buddy like mine, who would even dare push me just to keep me moving, no matter how much I'd beg off! Hahaha!

Well, all I can say now is... Bring it on, 10K! I'm going to conquer you this Sunday! :)

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  1. Congratulations Py!
    for completing 5kms. in 40minutes!